So the site has been down a couple of days. Sorry about that. The reason is that I wanted to do some small changes. More and more I have wanted the opportunity to post both own work and others work in a way so people easily could browse through both. If you look at my website now you see that in the left site I have made space for ”Myself” and my own work and in the right side ”Others” and other peoples work. In that way it is easy for me to keep great stuff I come across and my own stuff separate.

Anyway this post is not only about information. I resently spend 10 days in Trapani, Sicily on vacation. I had a great time and both the city and nature were awesome! I shot a little video down there and just finished editing it together to a small film. I hope you enjoy both the adjustments on the site and the video. Please comment if you have any suggestions to make the site better.