Make, Get, Do

At the moment I am working on a project with the public library in Kolding, making a Underground Library for young people. For this project we have produced these grid based shelves. Users of the Underground Library can form the shelves themselves by moving the sticks around.


At the moment I am spending my vacation in Alicante, Spain. We got a beautiful top floor apartment with terraces on both sides, very central and just across the local marked. I haven’t been in Alicante before however I has kind of a Barcelona feel to it and I quite like it!

Nuclear explotion

In in 1946, the United States conducted a series of nuclear weapon tests at Bikini Atoll in what’s known as Operation Crossroads. Even though the purpose was horrifying the footage is quite spectacular!

The Portland Press

A beautiful and simple french press coffee maker, made out of wood, wool, steel and a regular Mason jar.

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New equipment

Just bought this beautiful new bass amp and cabinet.


Fishing trip

Yesterday it was time for the first fishing trip of the year! The goal was "hornfisk" - and I got the first one!

Bill Clinton meets with JFK

At a very early age Bill Clinton meets JFK

Von Hatten

Saturday I played a show with my band Everybody Loves Drums at the amazing venue Von Hatten in Randers. I got to take a couple of pictures during the sound check.



A beautiful aerial panorama photo of NYC by Sergey Semenov


In December my girlfriend and I took a small 4 day holiday in Budapest. Even though it was quite cold it was a very beautiful city.