First time I heard about Twitter was like six month ago. Having both a MySpace and a Facebook profile and not unlimited time I thought, naw.. this must be enough. However, now I hear more and more about Twitter and I thought I would check it out to see if it was what I feared. It was! To sum up Twitter is just Facebook without everything but the status bar. It’s an app to constantly keep your friends informed about what you are doing. But where the status bar in facebook is a feature you can use if you want Twitter wants you to report your status quite often. They do for instance offer a service that sends you a sms if you have not updated your Twitter for 24 hours. Hmmm.. Does my friend really want to know EVERYTHING im doing?

However, studying Digital Design I just “got to have” an account. And then it struck me that I actually had something I could use it to. I been trying to figure out how to make some kind of dynamic wall on my website where I could post different cool links to all sorts of things I stumble on. Twitter was the answer. So now in the menu bar at the right you will find my Twitter where links and other (un)useful information will be flowing.