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// New company & Lise Dres

Things have been kind of slow on this part of my blog lately. The reason is that I just recently started my own company with a friend of mine. Our company is called Bytemark and we primarily do web design but also other graphic work as well. Even though it’s all quite new we have been extremely busy. We were so lucky to get to do the whole identity for the debut release of Danish act Lise Dres. This includes cover design for the album, posters, a micro site which is online now and the full website once the album is released in January 2011. I hope you like it.

Lise Dres

Lise Dres

Lise Dres

Lise Dres

// Converse website

I usually believe in very simple and user-friendly web design. However the new Converse site made by RGA really impresses me. There is something really organic over the way the menu items and pictures move and I spend a lot of time just browsing around. Take a look HERE


I recently finished a new website for the company Eventmageriet. Eventmageriet is a brand new collaboration between the second largest festival in Denmark called ”Smukfest” and ”Idræts Højskolen Aarhus”.  It’s a 13-month class where people will be educated in the different perspectives of event making and happenings.

The website is optimized for social networking with both their twitter stream and also the Facebook ”Like” button implemented. It’s also possible to become fan and follow their Facebook page directly from the website.

Check it out at

Eventmageriet Eventmageriet

// all done

I recently finished my last webdesignproject – a new site for the association of psychology students in Aarhus called FAPIA. It has been quite exiting to develop the site with them and try to figure out what an organization like FAPIA would need to communicate their messengers. It still needs a little more information and articles but still I think it turned out very well.

FAPIA.DK screendumb

// Webdesign

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a new web project. I was contacted by The Association of Psychology students in Aarhus (FAPIA) and asked to make their new visual identity. I made their new logo and right now I’m making the final changes to their new site.