Ladylion — To the Wishing Well

Last Friday my friends in the band Ladylion had release of their new album "To the Wishing Well". I went and brought my camera to make a short video  describing the atmosphere from the show and party. Enjoy.

Kajsa Vala - 21st century way

Last week I recorded this video with the brilliant singer and songwriter Kajsa Vala! Check her out!

Somersby Cider Store

New commercial from Somersby Cider.

L’Odyssée de Cartier

The new commercial from jewelry company Cartier. The 3.30 minute long commercial is directed by Bruno Aveillan and took a team of 50 people nearly two years to make...

Everybody Loves Drums

This weekend I was in the studio rehearsing with my band Everybody Loves Drums. Enjoy..

FEIST - The bad in each other

Made by the talented Danish wonderboy Martin De Thurah.

Never wet

Brilliant... and a little scary at the same time!