// Them exams.. ohh them exams


November has been fun but quite busy for me. I have been touring with Tina Dickow in Denmark as a tourmanager/driver/janitor. It has been so fun but also quite hard for me to follow my studies at the University.. However now im home and trying to get ready for my exams. Two big written assignments in January... damn, December is over SO fast.

Also, with my own band Everybody Loves Drums we have just finished our two first tracks. They are up for a listen at www.myspace.com/everybodylovesdrums

Merry christmas!

// Welcome.. again

Once again I got myself a new website. I really got too much time... hmmm! This time I promise I will try to update it more often with news about what projects I am doing, pictures and graphics.

At the moment, besides studying, I am working with my band EVERYBODY LOVES DRUMS in the studio to finish our 2 first songs. They are getting quite good, more on that later. Next week I am back in the studio. This time with old friend from Kiona, RANDI GUSTAFSSON - really looking forward to this!

Last but not least a little video from out first studio session. Enjoy.