// Hello.. anybody there?

Yes.. I'am here! I'm sorry I haven't been posting more lately but a few things has been working against me. Not only have I been very busy - also my macbook died last week, so right now im working on a old PC from 2001.

The last two weeks I have been working with friend and producer Dennis Ahlgren on making the new record with danish artist Thomas Buttenschøn. This has been really great and it's gonna be a great album! As soon as I get my computer back I will be back with both pictures and video from the sessions.

Also - before my computer died - I have been playing around with the photo technique called tilt/shift (inspired by my friend Niels at www.dekontrast.dk) these photos will also soon be online.

Anyway ontill I'm back on my computer I will mainly be posting on my twitter, so join me there if you wanna keep up with things.