// New IAMMARTIN t-shirt shop

The last six month I have been making t-shirt designs once in a while. Primarily for my own use only. Now I finally found a way to sell them to all of you, directly here from www.iammartin.dk. My plan is to make them kind of ”limited edition” t-shirts. There will not be any specific amount however I will try and make new designs quite often and then take the old ones down again. Also i'm hoping to be able so sell a couple of designs from some of my friends once in a while. I hope you like them.


T-Shirt ONE29 T-Shirt

// Different graphic work

I’m in the middle of my written exams so what better time than now for the weekly ”cleaning up the desktop”! Doing this I found a couple of graphic pieces I thought I could post. It’s a little of everything both adds, t-shirt designs and... Yeah whatever. The first two are a large print banner (200 cm X 60 cm) and an advert for the music magazine GAFFA. Both made for the company EVENTMAGERIET. Then it’s a new t-shirt design and finally… well.. Just wanted to play with my camera. I hope you like it!


// T-Shirt designs

To get my mind of my written exams in which I’m currently buried, I just thought I would post a couple of t-shirt designs I have made. I’m still waiting for both shirts to arrive and I can’t wait. I hope you like.

Everybody Loves Drums T-Shirt Hard as a rock T-Shirt