// Nowhere Near Here

“Nowhere Near Here” is a creative video by Pahnl that uses light painted stencils for stop-motion animation, following a glowing dog on its journeys around a city. Production took over 300 hours, and involved getting down on the knees to light paint over 200 stencils.


// Stop-Motion Walk Across America

I have been writing about stop-motion movies before. I have also posted stop-motion film I have made myself… but this beats everything! This stop-motion film shows a guy walking across America. It’s made only with a Canon 5D. It’s really worth watching both the movie itself and the “behind the scenes movie”. Thanks to the guys at www.petapixel.com for inspiring me.

// Stopmotion music video

This is the new video for the song Grindin’ by Nobody Beats The Drum. It’s an amazing piece of stop/motion work. 4085 photos were used for the video and it’s one of the band members himself who has made the video.

Also, there is a quite funny documentary about the making of the video that you should definitely watch after the video itself.

// 8-bit Trip

Just found this absolutely amazing video from 8-bit trip. It took them more than 1500 hours to take photos of LEGO bricks and make this fantastic stopmotion movie. Wish I had that kind of time for projects like that..