// Update and studio work

It must be time for a little update. Lately I have been in the studio a couple of times. First with Randi Gustafsson and then again last week with Karl Kolind and the Original Soup. Both projects went very well! You can hear one of the songs I recorded with Randi in the bottom of this post. Also you should definitely check out Karl Kolind at his website myspace.com/karlkolind. Great music, sometimes a little like Tom Waits. One of the instruments he is playing is this old piano fitted with old guitar pickups.

Next week I'm off to Køge to engineer on the new album with Danish singer/songwriter Thomas Buttenschøn. I'm looking forward to it and I’ll try to take some photos to post later.


// Randi Gustafsson

Time for a little update again. Last week I was in the studio with old friend Randi Gustafsson. I played with her in Kiona and she is a great singer and songwriter. We were gonna try to think out of the box with one of her songs and I should try to produce it a little different than what she had in mind. It went well and i really like the result. You can listen to the song "In Your Ears" which we recorded here.