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Hamburg through iPhone

Just returned from a great little trip to Hamburg. It was my first time there but surely not my last! The city is amazing and has everything from small, upcoming neighborhoods filled with culture much like in Berlin to shopping areas very much like London. Last time I was in London I parked my Nikon DSLR at home and brought my iPhone instead (watch the result here). This time I did the same. I hope you like them – please let me know what you all think.

// London through iPhone

I just got home from a small vacation in London. In the four days I was there I managed to both visit family, attend the AdTech conference, the London Fashion Week and the London Design Week (which I will soon post something from in the ”other peoples work” section, so come back soon).

As I wanted to travel light I didn’t bring my Nikon DSLR. Instead I only used my iPhone to take pictures, which led to the little album below.

// Transparent desktop

The trick is actually very simple… Take a picture of your surroundings and put it as your desktop wallpaper. Then place your computer very precisely and take a new picture. It now looks like your desktop is transparent. The example below and many many more are to be found HERE

// Christophe Huet

I just spend some time escaping from my schoolwork on Christophe Huet’s website. He is a professional photo retoucher and his work is amazing! The website has got a feature that lets you go through the stages of his retouching work. It’s pretty amazing! Check his work on

// Vacations through my camera

I know I posted photos just yesterday but here comes a little more. Going through my photo library today I found some old vacation photos. I think they are quite cool and got a nice look to them. They are taken on different vacations in both Germany, Italy and England.

// A day in the snow

As you might have noticed the winter is over us. Today we experienced a minor snowstorm and my girlfriend and me wouldn’t miss the chance to go for a walk in the snow. I brought my camera and took a couple of photos. Enjoy.

// Sunday fun with friends

My girlfriend Maja and I spend this Sunday with our good friends at their allotment garden. When not eating cake, drinking coffee or painting the house I tried to take some photos. You can watch the whole album if you follow the link below. ALBUM