// Tilt/Shift

Very much inspired by my friend Niels at Dekontrast I have become more and more impressed by the phenomenon ”tilt/shift”. Both pictures and movies made with this technique. So when I found an app to my iPhone that could help me make tilt/shift pictures I didn’t think twice. It works like a charm however you really need to take your pictures from a distance so you get the perspective right. In this post are a couple of the tilt/shift pictures I have been making. Enjoy..

// Pictures from Athens

I recently spend 4 days in Athens playing two shows with Lise Dres. We had an amazing trip and both shows went extremely well. Of course I brought my camera with me and here you can see some of the pictures. If you want to see more just follow the link to the full gallery.

Athens (Lise Dres) Athens (Lise Dres) Athens (Lise Dres)

Full gallery HERE