Ladylion — To the Wishing Well

Last Friday my friends in the band Ladylion had release of their new album "To the Wishing Well". I went and brought my camera to make a short video  describing the atmosphere from the show and party. Enjoy.

Kajsa Vala - 21st century way

Last week I recorded this video with the brilliant singer and songwriter Kajsa Vala! Check her out!


Finally.. After five years the new album "The Truth" from my friends in Vincent Van Go Go just dropped! Great songs and a great gradient cover that I ( helped them create. Check it out on vinyl or your favorite digital platform.

04 08 09 02

The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2

Today Justin Timberlake released the follow up to the first part of the giant album - "The 20/20 Experience".

Anthm - Musical Democracy

Jukebox on your iPhone..

Everybody Loves Drums

This weekend I was in the studio rehearsing with my band Everybody Loves Drums. Enjoy..

Studio session

I just spend the weekend with my band Everybody Loves drums and producer Dennis Ahlgren tracking session tapes for our new EP at this beautiful castle!

Living in the material world

Just came back from watching "George Harrison - Living in the material world".. Brilliant!! Can't sleep now.. Must hear records!!