// New company & Lise Dres

Things have been kind of slow on this part of my blog lately. The reason is that I just recently started my own company with a friend of mine. Our company is called Bytemark and we primarily do web design but also other graphic work as well. Even though it’s all quite new we have been extremely busy. We were so lucky to get to do the whole identity for the debut release of Danish act Lise Dres. This includes cover design for the album, posters, a micro site which is online now and the full website once the album is released in January 2011. I hope you like it.

Lise Dres

Lise Dres

Lise Dres

Lise Dres

// EP, studio work and US trip

Things have been a little busy the last month, which explains the inactivity on my blog. I apologize for that. With that said I thought I could use this post to tell you a little about what I have been doing.

Two weeks ago I spend 4 days in the amazing A Kind Of Eden studio with Lise Dres, recording what is going to be an amazing EP. We recorded six tracks, which are all to be dubbed and mixed in my studio – Aabyroad Studio (more about that later.) Both the studio and the producer were well known. In the chair and with the final word was my friend and music mastermind Dennis Ahlgren. I have been in this studio with him three times before so everything went smooth.

And speaking about studio… Last weekend me, Dennis and the guys from Everybody Loves Drums took down the whole studio. It was time for a rebuild. All floors were grinded down and varnished, walls were painted and all our equipment was looked over and is right now getting fixed. It looks so good and I can’t wait to get back out there and work some more!

Finally i'm – as I write this – getting ready for my trip to Nashville. Tomorrow morning I’ll leave for 14 days in Nashville with my girlfriend. I was there years ago and can’t wait to get back. I promise to take a lot of pictures and hopefully also a little video, and I will post both a.s.a.p.

// Pictures from Athens

I recently spend 4 days in Athens playing two shows with Lise Dres. We had an amazing trip and both shows went extremely well. Of course I brought my camera with me and here you can see some of the pictures. If you want to see more just follow the link to the full gallery.

Athens (Lise Dres) Athens (Lise Dres) Athens (Lise Dres)

Full gallery HERE