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// Kajsa Vala [video included]

Last year we recorded the debut album ”Your Train” with Kajsa Vala. The album is now out in America and doing great! Hopefully soon it will be out in Europe too.

Cleaning up my back-up disks today I found a lot of raw footage from the recording session. The quality is not HD but it does the job. I have edited it together to a short video that sums up three pretty hectic days where the whole album was recorded 100% live.

// New Kajsa Vala website

I Just finished making the new website for country singer/songwriter Kajsa Vala. I think it turned out very well. Its packed with features like newest videoblog, the latest pics on her Flickr and a Twitter feed. Check it out..

// Kajsa Vala [video included]

Last friday me and my good friend Kajsa Vala were in the studio to record a brand new song of hers called “Hear my voice”. It was just me and her and we aimed to keep it as acoustic as possible to bring out the simplicity of the song. Right now she is negotiating with an american record label based in Nashville so this song is gonna be used as kind of a promotion thing and hopefully help her. Anyway her album is gonna be recorded in April with our friend and producer Dennis Ahlgren. More on this later. However I really think that the song turned out great and I just made a little video out of some footage we took from the session.