Everybody Loves drums "1st Edition 2012"

Yesterday my band Everybody Loves Drums released a new EP called '1st Edition 2012'. You can find it on both iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud AND you can experience a visualization of the songs on www.1stedition2012.dk.. Let me know what you think!

Studio session

I just spend the weekend with my band Everybody Loves drums and producer Dennis Ahlgren tracking session tapes for our new EP at this beautiful castle!

Weekend update

I partly spend this weekend in the the studio with my band Everybody Loves Drums both working on new songs and getting ready for our show in Aalborg this Friday. If your around please come by "Skråen" and say hi. Also we got some exiting news soon - more about that on www.everybodylovesdrums.dk

My Dear Young Lover (acoustic version)

This weekend my band - Everybody Loves Drums - made an acoustic version of the song "My Dear Young Lover". I hope you like it!

I Got You A Seat (acoustic version)

An acoustic version of the song "I Got You A Seat" with my band Everybody Loves Drums. The studio version can be downloaded for free at www.everybodylovesdrums.dk

Song writing

For the last three days I have been deep in the woods with my band Everybody Loves Drums. We have been working on new songs and trying so see how ideas would come along and evolve when we got inspiration from other things than our usual base back in Aarhus. Here's a short film explaining what we have been up to..

Everybody Loves Drums

We have been working on new song in my band Everybody Loves Drums for quite a while now. But finally we are done! Six tracks are mixed and mastered and ready to be put out in 7 days. Also we did this small acoustic version of one of the songs.. Hope your enjoy. There are LOTS of more video and from next monday music for download at www.everybodylovesdrums.dk

Everybody Loves Drums

Ladies and Gentlemen... I give you my Everybody Loves drums - my new band!

"We worked on it for a while … Everything we’ve had inside of creative bits and pieces has been thrown in the pool, turned and twisted … examined and testet… played on instruments, sung with vocals, put on tape … And now the EP is off to mix in the capable hands of Birk Storm – a musical capacity whom we are proud to work with.

You can find the final EP on this site in mid-May – It’s more than a single, but not an album – a stillframe of E.L.D right now and we are very eager to share it with you guys.

In the meantime, you can see moving images and sound from before, during and after our work with the latest songs – we are looking forward to showing it all to you, and hope you will help by sharing the story with others.

All this new stuff will very appropriately be celebrated with a concert on START! Festival 2011 – You are more that welcome to join us!"

// Them exams.. ohh them exams


November has been fun but quite busy for me. I have been touring with Tina Dickow in Denmark as a tourmanager/driver/janitor. It has been so fun but also quite hard for me to follow my studies at the University.. However now im home and trying to get ready for my exams. Two big written assignments in January... damn, December is over SO fast.

Also, with my own band Everybody Loves Drums we have just finished our two first tracks. They are up for a listen at www.myspace.com/everybodylovesdrums

Merry christmas!