// Showreels

Two great showreels with a lot of great 3D work.

The Floor Is Made Of Lava!

This is my 3D exam project at Digital Design, Aarhus University January 2011 made together with Niels Astrup, Simon Marxen and Boris Hansen. The project is a visualization of the old game ”The floor is made of lava”.

Through projections on the walls and the floor in a regular school gymnasium we wanted to stimulate the children's imagination while playing the game. The visualization is made in 3D Studio Max and final editing made in After Effects. Please let me know what you think.

// iPhone 3D theater

Cool little device that turns your iPhone into a 3D theater.

// Super Mario on a sidewalk

Andreas Heikaus made this absolutely fantastic movie of the game Super Mario being played on a sidewalk. Also further down I have posted a "making of" video where you are explained how this amazing movie was created. Enjoy!

// 3D modulation

This semester at the university I attend a class called "3d modeling" - it's both really exiting and really time consuming! I hope to be able to post more about it later on, but for now I can only give you a little taste of what we are working on. The domain is a regular gym at the public schools and our project includes projection. Then I haven't said too much... Stay tuned.