This is just a little update on what projects I’m working on at the moment. I’m having quite a hard time getting anything done in these vacation days. Anyway the last weeks extremely bad weather has made me head for the studio a little more.

Last week I had a session with old friend RANDI GUSTAFSSON. We recorded three tracks and they turned our quite ok! The amazing Kajsa Vala joint us and did some fantastic guitar work and backing vocals. They still need mixing however as soon as they are done I will post them here.

Trine Lise VæringThe last couple of days I been working as engineer for Dennis Ahlgren in our studio. He’s recording with Danish artist TrineLise Væring. They recorded two of her songs and it turned our really exiting. It was great fun and really great songs! Check her out on her website or on myspace!

Finally next week I’m back in the studio with Danish electro artist Janus Novak. We’ll be recording vocals for some of his song. I have never worked with music like this before so i’m quite exited about the whole thing. One of the songs we will be working is “Cutting me off”. I will drop it in the end of this post for you all to enjoy. There’s more great electro on his website