The summer has come, almost all my exams are done and Ryanair just opened a new route from Denmark to Sicily with dirt-cheap tickets. Things can’t really be any better. Right now I’m halfway through my ten-day vacation with my girlfriend in our little Italian paradise. We spend our summer holiday on Sicily once before and ever since we have wanted to get back. We are staying in a beautiful apartment in the small town on the west cost of the island called Trapani.

The town isn’t that much of a tourist attraction, which we really like! Actually people turn their heads when we speak in public. Only problem is that almost all Italians down here only speak Italian.. We don’t! You have to be lucky to find someone who speaks a proper English. Anyway we really enjoy the local feel and beauty of the town and of course the delicious food!!

I have been taking a lot of photos and video. When I get back there will be more of both! Have a great summer!

Sicily 2010 Sicily 2010 Sicily 2010