As I always do – as soon as iOS7 was available I updated my iPhone! As many other the new look and feel took me a little while to get use to, however now I both enjoy and understand it! Except one little thing… the calendar!

Ever since my first iPhone around six years ago I have found myself living strictly through that calendar! Always on me and easy to use. Especially after iCloud and the ability to sync with my iPad, my Macbook and my iMac at work.

So when I saw the new design in iOS7 I was a little bit scared. But OK.. I gave it time and thought I would get use to it – but no! Actually I like the design of it, but there is one thing I really miss – the overview! For me that was an easy way to see what tasks I had through the day.


Now when you press a date you go directly to the day and time view. That means I have to scroll all the way down to see if I have an appointment in the evening. It might now seem as a big thing but I has annoyed me ever since the update.

So if you like me feel the need to try a new calendar for your iPhone this article might help you ( There’s lots of great alternatives. Right now I’m trying out Cal by It has a very “iOS7 feel” and a great navigation.


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