Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you my Everybody Loves drums – my new band!

“We worked on it for a while … Everything we’ve had inside of creative bits and pieces has been thrown in the pool, turned and twisted … examined and testet… played on instruments, sung with vocals, put on tape … And now the EP is off to mix in the capable hands of Birk Storm – a musical capacity whom we are proud to work with.

You can find the final EP on this site in mid-May – It’s more than a single, but not an album – a stillframe of E.L.D right now and we are very eager to share it with you guys.

In the meantime, you can see moving images and sound from before, during and after our work with the latest songs – we are looking forward to showing it all to you, and hope you will help by sharing the story with others.

All this new stuff will very appropriately be celebrated with a concert on START! Festival 2011 – You are more that welcome to join us!”