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The weather is slowly changing from summer to a slightly colder version. Still you can be lucky to catch a sunny day or two. Last Saturday I went to the woods with some good friends to collect mushrooms. Nothing’s better to have in the kitchen through the wintertime than your own dehydrated mushrooms. I brought my camera on the trip and took a couple of photos.  

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Make, Get, Do

At the moment I am working on a project with the public library in Kolding, making a Underground Library for young people. For this project we have produced these grid based shelves. Users of the Underground Library can form the shelves themselves by moving the sticks around.

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At the moment I am spending my vacation in Alicante, Spain. We got a beautiful top floor apartment with terraces on both sides, very central and just across the local marked. I haven’t been in Alicante before however I has kind of a Barcelona feel to it and I quite like it!