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Finally.. After five years the new album “The Truth” from my friends in Vincent Van Go Go just dropped! Great songs and a great gradient cover that I ( helped them create. Check it out on vinyl or your favorite digital platform.

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Make, Get, Do

At the moment I am working on a project with the public library in Kolding, making a Underground Library for young people. For this project we have produced these grid based shelves. Users of the Underground Library can form the shelves themselves by moving the sticks around.

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Vocal Line website

I recently designed the new website for the vocal group Vocal Line. I aimed to make something that looked both simple and clean but still classy. I really love the way it ended up with both the large photos and use of typography.

Everybody Loves Drums

We have been working on new song in my band Everybody Loves Drums for quite a while now. But finally we are done! Six tracks are mixed and mastered and ready to be put out in 7 days. Also we did this small acoustic version of one of the songs.. Hope your enjoy. There are LOTS of more video and from next monday music for download at

AU App

Finally it’s time for a little news from me. I have been super busy lately. Mostly with my new company Bytemark but also at the university. And speaking about the university I thought I would just show you a little something I did for my exam project. The class I follow is called “Mobile Media and Platforms”. In my study group we wanted to make a prototype of a mobile app for the students at the university. An app that would center on location based services. It would use your exact location to push you notifications about open classes and other different offers from the university when you move around on campus. In that way you would only get info that were relevant to your geographical location. Also it would include a map service that uses augmented reality to show you what hides behind the walls of the many buildings […]

Everybody Loves Drums

Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you my Everybody Loves drums – my new band! “We worked on it for a while … Everything we’ve had inside of creative bits and pieces has been thrown in the pool, turned and twisted … examined and testet… played on instruments, sung with vocals, put on tape … And now the EP is off to mix in the capable hands of Birk Storm – a musical capacity whom we are proud to work with. You can find the final EP on this site in mid-May – It’s more than a single, but not an album – a stillframe of E.L.D right now and we are very eager to share it with you guys. In the meantime, you can see moving images and sound from before, during and after our work with the latest songs – we are looking forward to showing it all to […]

Hamburg tiltshift

I recently spent a couple of days in Hamburg (photos from the trip can be found here) and wanted to try making a short tilt shift video. I used my iPhone for all the filming.. Here is the result. There is a long way to go but you have to begin somewhere, right?

Hamburg through iPhone

Just returned from a great little trip to Hamburg. It was my first time there but surely not my last! The city is amazing and has everything from small, upcoming neighborhoods filled with culture much like in Berlin to shopping areas very much like London. Last time I was in London I parked my Nikon DSLR at home and brought my iPhone instead (watch the result here). This time I did the same. I hope you like them – please let me know what you all think.

// 2011 update

The exams are over and a new year is slowly beginning. This week I begin a new semester at the University where I will be following the course ”Mobile media and platforms”. It sounds really interesting and relevant for what I’m currently and hopefully will be doing in the future. 2011 also started great for my little company Bytemark. We got lots of really exiting cases to work on and they seem to just keep coming. I will soon show and tell a lot more about Bytemark however right now there is only just time to get the work done for the clients. Below is a little sneak preview on a logo/identity we are currently doing for a client.

The Floor Is Made Of Lava!

This is my 3D exam project at Digital Design, Aarhus University January 2011 made together with Niels Astrup, Simon Marxen and Boris Hansen. The project is a visualization of the old game ”The floor is made of lava”. Through projections on the walls and the floor in a regular school gymnasium we wanted to stimulate the children’s imagination while playing the game. The visualization is made in 3D Studio Max and final editing made in After Effects. Please let me know what you think.