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Playing the bass again

Almost 6 months ago we stopped the musical project Everybody Loves Drums. We just didn’t have the energy anymore and decided to end it as friends. Everybody Loves Drums had been my main music project for almost 6 years and it actually felt good to take a small break from playing music. Then just before christmas I was asked if I wanted to join the band Ladylion – formed by my old friend and former bandmate Randi Gustafsson. She is an excellent song writer so of course I said yes. For they last 3 months we have been rehearsing and getting old and new songs ready. Finally yesterday we had out debut show in Copenhagen. It was great and i’m really looking forward to more shows! Stay tuned with Ladylion here

Ladylion — To the Wishing Well

Last Friday my friends in the band Ladylion had release of their new album “To the Wishing Well”. I went and brought my camera to make a short video  describing the atmosphere from the show and party. Enjoy.

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Finally.. After five years the new album “The Truth” from my friends in Vincent Van Go Go just dropped! Great songs and a great gradient cover that I ( helped them create. Check it out on vinyl or your favorite digital platform.

Getting ready

At the moment I am getting ready to play at the Danish festival SMUKFEST with my band Everybody Loves Drums. We can’t wait!

Everybody Loves Drums

We have been working on new song in my band Everybody Loves Drums for quite a while now. But finally we are done! Six tracks are mixed and mastered and ready to be put out in 7 days. Also we did this small acoustic version of one of the songs.. Hope your enjoy. There are LOTS of more video and from next monday music for download at