Wall & Will

My good friend and very talented designer Vibeke Rasmussen just opened her poster shop - Wall & Will. Wall and Will is a flexible and creative poster company with a wide range of posters, fysical mobiles and wallpaintings - in limited edition even customized. Check out her website www.wallandwill.dk

Distance to Mars

A cool visualization of the distance from Earth to Mars. http://www.distancetomars.com

Rainbow pasta

I think this definitely falls into the “kicking pasta up a notch” category…


The none-of-your-business card


Wiley - Numbers in Action

Clever and beautiful music video..

AU App

Finally it’s time for a little news from me. I have been super busy lately. Mostly with my new company Bytemark but also at the university. And speaking about the university I thought I would just show you a little something I did for my exam project.

The class I follow is called “Mobile Media and Platforms”. In my study group we wanted to make a prototype of a mobile app for the students at the university. An app that would center on location based services. It would use your exact location to push you notifications about open classes and other different offers from the university when you move around on campus. In that way you would only get info that were relevant to your geographical location. Also it would include a map service that uses augmented reality to show you what hides behind the walls of the many buildings on campus. Anyway here you can see the presentation material I did for the project. Later this semester I’m going to turn in a paper about the project as well.