Within the last couple of years I have several times come across great BMW designs that really made me say wow! Not their cars but all the stuff they do to promote them self, their designs and their innovative team. I always love when companies spend time and money on things that people who don’t buy their product can enjoy. Yesterday I came across another example and thought that now was the time to write a bit about them. Anyway two of the three examples I could find does include their cars but in a different role than in a normal car commercial.

First example is an installation called “Kinetic Sculpture” made by the artist Joachim Sauter. It’s placed in the BMW museum in Munich and is truly amazing! Second is a presentation of their concept car GINA where the design team REALLY managed to think out of the box. Finally a commercial featuring Clive Owen, Madonna and produced by Guy Ritchie. It’s from a series of short commercials/films with celeb actors and great producers.

“Kinetic Sculpture”

BMW GINA Light Visionary Model

BMW M5 commercial: Star