Sofar Sounds

In my spare time I’m a part of the concert concept Sofar Sounds. The concept started in England 3 years ago – a couple of friends tired of people talking at concerts decided to make concerts in their living room. The concept has grown and is now in many countries and cities worldwide. I’m a part of the “Aarhus Division” and in charge of the video production.

The Danish newspaper Politiken was kind enough to pay us a visit at our last session and write about us. Read the article here. It’s in Danish…



Playing the bass again

Almost 6 months ago we stopped the musical project Everybody Loves Drums. We just didn't have the energy anymore and decided to end it as friends. Everybody Loves Drums had been my main music project for almost 6 years and it actually felt good to take a small break from playing music.

Then just before christmas I was asked if I wanted to join the band Ladylion - formed by my old friend and former bandmate Randi Gustafsson. She is an excellent song writer so of course I said yes. For they last 3 months we have been rehearsing and getting old and new songs ready. Finally yesterday we had out debut show in Copenhagen. It was great and i'm really looking forward to more shows!

Stay tuned with Ladylion here

Noring live video

Back in november I filmed my friends in the band Noring while they were in the studio. There came this short video out of it all.



The weather is slowly changing from summer to a slightly colder version. Still you can be lucky to catch a sunny day or two. Last Saturday I went to the woods with some good friends to collect mushrooms. Nothing’s better to have in the kitchen through the wintertime than your own dehydrated mushrooms. I brought my camera on the trip and took a couple of photos.


Ladylion — To the Wishing Well

Last Friday my friends in the band Ladylion had release of their new album "To the Wishing Well". I went and brought my camera to make a short video  describing the atmosphere from the show and party. Enjoy.

The Big Mac Deconstructed/Reconstructed

The famous Big Mac doesn't have to look the same to taste the same. Watch it deconstructed and then reconstructed.

Cand. IT

Finally! After a little over six years at the University i finished my Master in Digital Design last Thursday.

The master thesis is analyzing the use of digital platforms for teaching in the Danish secondary school. This both to understand what the the teachers actually need in a platform but also to understand the students' use of platforms and devices. Finally a redesigned prototype of Gyldendal's dictation platform is produced and presented.

So finally - no more feeling guilty about working full-time!

Kajsa Vala - 21st century way

Last week I recorded this video with the brilliant singer and songwriter Kajsa Vala! Check her out!

Lucid Stead: A Transparent Cabin Built of Wood and Mirrors by Phillip K Smith III

Part architectural intervention and part optical illusion, Lucid Stead is a recently unveiled installation by artistPhillip K Smith III in Joshua Tree, California. The artist modified an existing 70-year-old homesteader shack by introducing mirrors to create the illusion of transparency, as the structure now takes on the lighting characteristics of anything around it. LED lighting and other custom electronic components were further installed within the building’s interior to illuminate from the interior at night. Smith says of the installation, “Lucid Stead is about tapping into the quiet and the pace of change of the desert. When you slow down and align yourself with the desert, the project begins to unfold before you. It reveals that it is about light and shadow, reflected light, projected light, and change.”

Thoughts on the iOS7 calendar

As I always do - as soon as iOS7 was available I updated my iPhone! As many other the new look and feel took me a little while to get use to, however now I both enjoy and understand it! Except one little thing... the calendar!

Ever since my first iPhone around six years ago I have found myself living strictly through that calendar! Always on me and easy to use. Especially after iCloud and the ability to sync with my iPad, my Macbook and my iMac at work.

So when I saw the new design in iOS7 I was a little bit scared. But OK.. I gave it time and thought I would get use to it – but no! Actually I like the design of it, but there is one thing I really miss – the overview! For me that was an easy way to see what tasks I had through the day.


Now when you press a date you go directly to the day and time view. That means I have to scroll all the way down to see if I have an appointment in the evening. It might now seem as a big thing but I has annoyed me ever since the update.

So if you like me feel the need to try a new calendar for your iPhone this article might help you ( There’s lots of great alternatives. Right now I’m trying out Cal by It has a very “iOS7 feel” and a great navigation.