About Martin


I Am Martin! A 35 year old husband, father, digital designer and video maker with a Masters of Arts in Digital Design from Aarhus University. Former partner and designer in Aarhus Design Bureau — now designer at Design Concern as well as freelancer. Good at design, conceptual thinking, understanding digital platforms, making video, frontend coding and cooking!

Also bass player for americana singer/songwriter Kajsa Vala.

I talk a lot!

Amongst others I have worked with

— More Creative
— Woden
— Smukfest
— Tina Dickow
— Leon Louis
— Erbs Denmark
— Region Midjylland
— RPD Intl.
— World Perfect
— Seismonaut
— Aarhus Kommune
— LYNfabrikken
— Sofar Sounds
— Flagstang Markeder
— Østjydsk Bank
— Kolding Bibliotek
— Thorning/Astrup
— Tarm Skole